26 Year-Old Winnipeg Woman Arrested After Multiple Assaults

Woman Arrested After Multiple Assaults

WINNIPEG - A series of assaults, including spitting on a bus driver has led to the arrest of a 26 year-old woman.

On October 10th a 54 year old woman was waiting at a bus stop near Vaughn and St Mary Avenue when the suspect approached her and began screaming at her. She was kicked and punched several times before the suspect grabbed her glasses and fled.

The same day an 18 year-old woman was crossing Portage at Vaughn when the suspect began to follow her. She was slapped twice and then had her phone, wallet and ID taken by the suspect who then boarded a bus.

Less than half an hour later she began harassing passengers on another bus and was asked to exit by the bus driver. She shoved the driver, spit in her face and left.

26 year-old Julianna Normand has been charged with 2 counts of robbery and assault.

She remains in custody.

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