26-Year-Old Man Injures Security Guard at Health Sciences Centre

26-Year-Old Man Injures Security Guard

WINNIPEG - Security Officers at the Health Sciences Centre were assaulted and threatened by a 26-year-old Winnipeg man.

On Wednesday, August 22nd a man went to the Health Sciences Centre and left his bicycle in the entrance corridor. The man then began to wander around the complex and entered a women’s staff washroom.

Security officers with the Health Sciences Centre caught up to the man and asked him to leave. While escorting him outside, the man made threats to kill the security officers and got in a fighting stance on a number of occasions.

Once in the entrance corridor, the man again got into a fighting stance and threw the bicycle at the security officers, hitting two of them. The security officers continued to try escort the man out of the hospital at which time a struggle ensued. Security officers eventually handcuffed and placed the man into a holding room until police arrived..

One security officer suffered minor injuries.

Police said Necho Debbin Bittern, a 26-year-old man from Winnipeg, has been charged with:

  • Assault a Peace Officer with a Weapon (x2)
  • Uttering Threats - Cause Death or Bodily Harm (x3)

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