Winnipeg Had 9 UFO Visits?

Winnipeg Had 9 UFO Visits?

Manitoba−based Ufology Research has released its most recent UFO sightings survey and analysis. Eight per cent of the 1,101 reported eye−witness accounts across Canada in 2017 could not be explained. Here are some other findings from the survey:

Sightings reported in 1989 (first year of survey): 154

Sightings reported in 2017: 1,101

Highest number of sightings: 2015 with 1,267

Top three provinces for sightings: Quebec (518), Ontario (241) and British Columbia (128)

Cities with most UFO sightings: Montreal (74), Toronto (57), Vancouver (46), Edmonton (29), Hamilton (28), Ottawa (26), Calgary (24), Winnipeg (9)

Average number of witnesses per sighting: 2

Typical length of sightings: 15 minutes

Shape of sightings: Boomerang, cigar, cone, cylinder, diamond, disc, fireball, irregular, line, oval, point source, rectangle, round, sphere, square, triangle

Source: Ufology Research

Sylvia Strojek, The Canadian Press

Winnipeg Had 9 UFO Visits?

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