Road Construction Season Underway

Road Construction Season Underway

WINNIPEG - The City of Winnipeg’s annual road construction season is getting underway this spring and a road construction working group has been tasked with considering and recommending ways the City can improve the overall road construction process including greater utilization of 24/7 construction.

Mayor Bowman also announced the establishment of a road construction working group chaired by Councillor Matt Allard, Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works.

The working group has been tasked with providing advice and recommendations to the Mayor on how to:

Improve the overall procurement, design, and road construction process;

Extend the successful early tendering process for regional roads to include local roads;

Improve communication with residents and businesses affected by road construction; and,

Utilize 24/7 construction in a cost-effective way and other options to accelerate project construction, including a review of working hours and working days.

This year’s road renewal budget includes funding for 104 road projects totalling 139 lane kilometers and includes the following major reconstruction and rehabilitation projects:

Empress Street - $2.5 million

Garry Street/Notre Dame Street - $4.8 million

St. James Street - $2 million

Fermor Avenue - $17.4 million

Ellice Avenue - $3.1 million

Inkster Boulevard - $4.6 million

Main Street - $6.5 million

Roblin Boulevard - $4.9 million

Corydon Avenue - $3.3 million

Archibald Street - $1.23 million

Watt Street - $1.25 million

Memorial Boulevard - $2.6 million

During road construction season, motorists are encouraged to plan ahead, allow additional travel time, and to download and use Waze to find the fastest route. Waze is a free, real-time traffic and navigation app, allowing users to share and receive anonymous traffic information from the City's Transportation Management Centre (TMC) as well as other drivers. For road construction information, including lane closures on major streets and an interactive map of construction projects, see: City of Winnipeg – Road Construction.

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