UPDATED - Police Confirm 17 People Died in School Shooting in Florida

UPDATED - School Shooting in Florida

PARKLAND, FL - A high school in Parkland Florida, north of Fort Lauderdale, was the scene of a massive school shooting.

Broward County Sheriff's office is now confirming that 17 people have died and two more are in critical condition.

Police have confirmed the suspect, Nicolas Cruz 19-years-old, a former student of the school, is in custody.

Information is still coming in on this story. Below are a number of video reports from Reuters News Service who are on scene.


'Numerous' fatalities after shooting at Florida high school

A shooter opened fire in a Florida high school on Wednesday morning, killing multiple people and sending hundreds of panicked students fleeing into the streets while others huddled in classrooms as police hunted for the gunman.

"Kids were freaking out": Florida school shooting witness

A witness to the Florida school shooting says "kids were freaking out" when shots rang out inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday afternoon.

Suspect in Florida school shooting in custody: sheriff

The Broward County sheriff says the suspect in the Florida school shooting is in custody.

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