How Corporate IT Can Sabotage Business Profits

Corporate IT Can Sabotage Business Profits

WINNIPEG, MB - Here's a question for you. If you are a business owner, CEO, or senior executive whose main concern is a higher profit and lower expenses, what would you expect from your IT person or department? In most cases, ONE OF the expectations are to care about reducing expenses for the company. The reality is that often IT managers sabotage new business ideas capable of reducing expenses and improving cash flow perhaps due to their fear of exposure.

A logical answer would be for the owners and IT departments to embrace the same goals and objectives. However, very often as a telecom consultant, I've noticed this isn't always the case. Some IT operatives tend to get defensive and protect their fields when presented with an offer of a free, no obligation review of the telecom expenses, including solutions to reduce costs.

A brilliant initiative like this, which normally sparks an eye of any owner of a business I talk to, very often goes nowhere after it is passed from the high-level to the IT.

What could the reason be for this? Is it a potential fear of uncovering flaws in their work? Ignorance? Behind the scenes agreements with providers or suppliers? If I was an owner of a company or a senior executive, this is what I may be thinking.

CostWise offers a no obligation, free review of the telecom expenditures and ways to reduce the costs. This is done with the provider, so there is no going back in your files and pulling your bills out. The review includes uncovering and recovering billing errors, negotiations beyond call centre levels on the rates, checking legitimacy and effectiveness of the contracts and much more. The IT department is normally in charge of the telecom aspect of business functionality, however, it is a completely separate sphere, often considered by the management as an extension of an IT.

The reality is that this niche of technology is a completely separate beast. It does reside near IT and is often related or connected with it, but it's not IT. The problem is that it's too narrow with a very limited amount of professionals working in it outside of technological giants like BellMTS or Shaw, yet telecom expenditures are much higher than IT expenditures in most businesses. IT guys are usually very busy, and most won't tolerate waiting on hold for hours to get something resolved with a call centre.

The savings that can be made within the telecom services are tremendous. CostWise has secured savings and credits of over one-million dollars, often over $100,000 per client over a five year period. All this comes at no cost to the CLIENT, there is only sharing of the money saved and recovered.

The telecom industry is notorious for high-usage and high prices, in addition to overcharging its clients. There is a way to reduce expenses as well as recover overpayment due to billing errors.

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By Roman Zilber

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