3 Boys Aged 7, 11, & 12, Arrested for Causing $150,000 in Damage

3 Boys Aged 7, 11, & 12, Arrested

RED DEER, Alta. — RCMP in central Alberta took three boys under the age of 12 into custody after four homes were vandalized with steel pipes.

Mounties say the damage to the modular homes at a Red Deer business Thursday included smashed windows, cabinets, appliances, walls and light fixtures worth more than $150,000.

The suspects include a seven−year−old and two 11−year−olds.

Const. Derek Turner says under the Criminal Code children under 12 can’t be charged with criminal offences.

He says Mounties have spoken with the parents and a Youth Intervention Team will followed up with the business owner and the families.

Police say they will work with everyone using restorative justice methods.

"This was a serious incident with significant impact to the business and its clients," Turner said Friday.

"Civil action remains an option for the business, but the RCMP role will be to work with the children, their families and the business to come to a resolution that supports all parties while teaching the children that there are consequences to their actions."

Randy Willie, a salesman for Best Buy Homes, said he can’t believe the extent of the damage.

Willie said the company hasn’t heard from the children’s parents or guardians.

"Everything is damaged and wrecked by children under the age of 12, which seems almost impossible," he said.

Willie wonders where their caregivers were and how the kids could possibly have this kind of anger and disrespect for society at such a young age. (The Canadian Press, RD News Now)

The Canadian Press

3 Boys Aged 7, 11, & 12, Arrested for Causing $150,000 in Damage

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