UPDATE - 6 and 10-Year-Old Brothers Missing in Winnipeg

UPDATE - Brothers Missing in Winnipeg

UPDATE - The Winnipeg Police have safely located the two brothers that were reported missing early this morning.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

WINNIPEG, MB - Winnipeg police are asking for the public's help finding these brothers who went missing last night.

The missing brothers are; 10-year-old, Justin Tanner, and 6-year-old, Marshall Tanner. Police said the brothers were last seen at a drop-in center in the downtown area of Winnipeg last night.

Police describe Justin as Indigenous, 5' in height, wearing a black/green winter jacket and red Nike shoes.

Marshall is described as Indigenous, 4' in height, wearing a blue winter jacket and a blue toque.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

Photo provided by Winnipeg Police

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