Winnipeg Saves $1.9 Million Refurbishing Spreader Trucks

$1.9 Million Saved Refurbishing Trucks

WINNIPEG, MB - The City of Winnipeg saved money and more by refurbishing their spreader trucks.

The City saved $1.9 million by refurbishing seventeen sand spreader trucks. The refurbishment also reduces our carbon footprint by not purchasing newly manufactured truck bodies and it was good for local business because the project was completed by City of Winnipeg staff with materials from Manitoba companies.

The truck refurbishment included recycling and reconditioning nine-year-old aluminum and stainless steel sand spreader truck bodies and front snow plow attachments. The original aluminum and stainless steel bodies were purchased between 2004 and 2005, and instead of purchasing new truck bodies, the original bodies were reconditioned and remounted on new truck chassis which extended the overall lifecycle of the trucks for an additional nine years, resulting in a $1.9 million savings.

“Repurposing equipment is an innovative alternative to heavy equipment acquisition that yields a lot of benefits to the City of Winnipeg and to taxpayers,” said Dennis Konowich, Winnipeg Fleet Management Agency Chief Operating Officer. “Refurbishing the sand spreader trucks has resulted in substantial savings, has allowed us to be more efficient in our operations, and reduces environmental impact.”

With files from the City of Winnipeg

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  • Carol

    It is sad that this action by the city is news worthy.  This should be the type of work the city does automatically.  It should be the norm, not the exception.

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