Wildfire Forces Closures in Certain Park Areas

Wildfire Forces Closures

The Parks Branch of Manitoba Sustainable Development has closed two areas for the safety of canoeists and back country travellers and campers. The two affected areas are:

The Bloodvein River recreational canoeing and access corridor area in Atikaki Provincial Park.

The Bird River-Elbow Lake Canoe Route and 19 designated water route campsites in Nopiming Provincial Park.

A wildfire in Manitoba around the area of the Gammon River poses a potential risk to backcountry canoers and those citizens accessing the Bloodvein River Corridor in Atikaki Provincial Park, from the Ontario Border to Kautunigan Lake.

A wildfire in Ontario just east of Nopiming Provincial Park poses a potential risk to backcountry access east of Bird Lake.

The closures are in place until further notice and the fire risk has ended.

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