Wife Stabbed 85-Year-Old Husband to Death

Wife Stabbed Husband to Death

WINNIPEG - A 73-year-old woman is in custody after being charged for stabbing her husband to death.

Police say they were responding to a residential complex in the 1700 block of Henderson Highway to check the well-being of an elderly man.

When officers arrived they found the man dead with obvious stab wounds. His wife was taken into custody.

Police now believe that during the evening of July 15th, the man and his wife were involved in an argument which escalated. The husband was stabbed in the upper body and died from those injuries.

The man has been identified as Hans George Scheppner, an 85-year-old from Winnipeg.

Police said they have charged Anne-Dore Maria Scheppner, a 73-year-old woman with Second Degree Murder.

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