Wife Escapes & Calls Police as Husband Loads Gun

Wife Calls Police as Husband Loads Gun

WINNIPEG, MB - A 22-year-old man's wife called police after she saw him loading a gun in their home, she was able to escape, but without her child.

RCMP said a woman called stating that she saw a man, her husband, loading a firearm in their home on March 10, around 11:00 AM. She was able to get out of the home but could not get her infant son out.

Peguis and Fisher Branch RCMP responded to the call at the home located on the Peguis First Nation.

An hour and a half later, 12:30 PM, officers had established a perimeter around the home and tried to make contact with the man. Police said at the time there was no threat to public safety.

Police did make contact with the man around 6:00 pm, he then exited the home unarmed and surrendered to police.

Police secured the home and found the infant, who was not harmed, they also seized two firearms.

RCMP have charged 22-year-old Clarence Cochrane, from Peguis First Nation, with several Criminal Code and firearm related charges.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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