Water Emergency In Morden

Water Emergency In Morden

WINNIPEG - The City of Morden says it’s implementing an Extreme Drought Response Plan as the lake they get their water from is nearly nine feet below the full supply level.

Under the plan, the city is requiring citizens to take immediate action to reduce overall water use by 30 per cent. It’s placing a maximum of one day per week on watering gardens, restricting all landscape watering, and asking homes and businesses to otherwise voluntarily conserve water. It’s also restricting industrial use of water to 80 per cent of past water consumption, and ordering all non-essential industrial use to cease.

Vehicle washing isn’t permitted at residences, and commercial car washes have been ordered to reduce their hours of operation by 20 per cent. Splash pads and pools have been turned off, and other outdoor and leisure activities that result in spraying or draining water onto streets are not permitted. The city says spraying and irrigation by agricultural operations using City of Morden sources has also been banned.

Morden is an hour and a half southwest of Winnipeg, and has a population of around 8,700.

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