Warm Weather Coming To Manitoba

Warm Weather Coming

WINNIPEG - Environment Canada says despite the final weekend of summer behind us, Manitobans can expect more warm weather to continue throughout the fall, as daylight hours get shorter.

The federal forecaster says the province will have perfect temperatures this month — at least when it comes to our electricity bills. We won’t really need the air conditioner much in the days ahead, but it still won’t likely get cold enough to boot up the furnace. In the next couple of weeks, the temperature will be around 6 C lower than it was just two months ago, although in some years temperatures have reached 30 C — but meteorologists say there’s still room for caution around the chance of frost or snow.

The forecast is expecting mild weather in Manitoba throughout the coming weeks and into October and November, according to some climatologists, a result of heat from earlier drought conditions continuing to radiate in the province’s lakes and soil.

Despite the warmer than normal temperatures, the feds say they also expect autumn will see more rain than usual. While recent rain proved too little, too late for many farms throughout the province, it did replenish dangerously low water supplies and add to soil moisture, which will help keep costs down over the winter and protect Manitoba’s agricultural industry next year.

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