Vaccine Passport Mandate Ends

Vaccine Passport Mandate Ends

WINNIPEG - The vaccine passport mandate is no longer in effect in Manitoba.

For the most part, people will no longer be asked to show proof of vaccination.

However, some businesses and venues say they will continue with the practise.

The mask mandate will be lifted in two weeks on March 15th but like the mandate that's ending today, you might be asked to keep wearing a mask depending on the location.

The province is lifting public health orders as COVID-19 numbers continue to drop.

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  • elementgirl

    I think that any business that is going to hold on the passports are ignorant of science. We will have front row of view of their place of business fail. Bring the marshmallows!

  • elementgirl

    Thank God! And if they ever bring it back....... Bring back the trucks!!

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