Vaccine Calculator Released

Vaccine Calculator Released

WINNIPEG - If you’re wondering when you might be eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine, the Manitoba government has an online tool for you. You now can find out where you stand on the province’s vaccine priority list following the launch of a new queue calculator. The online form asks for your age and whether any of several categories apply to you.

A younger person who’s not in one of the Vaccine Task Force’s priority groups would be further to the back of the line, while older people who are in one of the priority groups are considered high risk and would be closer to the front. For example, the province says, since First Nations people tend to be in circumstances that put them at greater risk of serious illness due to COVID-19, they will have priority no matter their age.

The priority categories include whether you are:

- A resident of a congregate living facility

- A member of a First Nation

- A prioritized health-care worker; or

- A personal care home or elder care resident or staff member

While the website doesn’t give a precise timeline showing exactly when you’ll get your first dose, it can show where your time to get the jab fits in Manitoba’s overall vaccination rollout plan.

You can calculate where you are in line here.

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