Unvaccinated Manitoba Cabinet Minister?

Unvaxxed Cabinet Minister?

WINNIPEG - Premier Heather Stefanson is avoiding calls to remove a member of her cabinet who refuses to say whether he's vaccinated.

Infrastructure minister Ron Schuler is the only member of the legislature who won't divulge his vaccination status.

Liberal leader Dougald Lamont says it's outrageous that the minister responsible for the Emergency Measures Organization won't share if he's vaxxed or not.

Stefanson is instead promising that everyone who enters the leg will have to be fully vaccinated by December 15th.

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  • elementgirl

    I think this is ridiculous. We all know that the vaccine does not stop the spread or transmission. They never said it would. So why are the politicians making it mandatory. This is the dumbest thing on the planet! I just don't understand the level of ignorance involved here. It is nobody's business what a persons vaccine status is. EVER!!!

  • GeorgiaSteele

    Since when did we have to give out our personal and private medical information to anyone except our personal doctor. You can't even confirm something from your spouses doctor if they call for the spouse and they are not home. But we are supposed to be ok with these demands (which is what they are) to reveal private and personal information. Good for him and I hope he stands his ground on his principals.

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