Still No Travel To Ontario

Still No Travel To Ontario

WINNIPEG - As Manitoba’s neighbouring province marks a virus-related death toll milestone, the Ontario Provincial Police Service wants to remind Manitobans of the continued impact of their province’s COVID-19 lockdown on the Manitoba-Ontario provincial boundary.

OPP’s Kenora Detachment says anyone entering Ontario will need to prove that their reason for traveling is essential. Officials say anyone on their way to the cottage or cabin for leisure will be turned around and sent home.

Reasons for travel that are considered essential include employment, education, child care, medical care, transporting goods, and exercising First Nation treaty rights. OPP inspectors say they’re checking about 200 vehicles at the border every day.

Ontario is currently under an Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, as health officials there report more than 8,000 total deaths due to COVID-19, and more than 3,800 new cases in a single day..

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