Shots Fired, Baby Inside

Shots Fired, Baby Inside

WINNIPEG - Two young men are in custody as RCMP investigate what they say started with a report of an assault in progress that escalated to a shot fired through the window of a home in Dauphin. The Mounties say there were several in the building at the time, including an infant less than a year old.

RCMP got a call just after 3 a.m. about the assault in the city of around 10,000. An investigation found that three men had gotten into a fight in front of the house.

When it was over, the 19-year-old homeowner went inside. That’s when police say a shot was fired into the home’s front window. Investigators note there were seven people in the home at the time, the youngest being a young child. None of them were injured.

The two other men, aged 17 and 18, are alleged to have been involved in the incident, and were located and arrested. Police continue to investigate.

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