Return To Winter Weather

Return To Winter Weather

WINNIPEG - Despite the return of biking’s overwhelming popularity, the weather today and tomorrow may make the activity - or walking, for that matter - precarious. While Winnipeg will see a warmer-than-normal high of 17 C today, wind as high as 60 km/h, along with a 60 per cent chance of rain this afternoon, could interrupt plans of outdoor excursions.

Parts of northern Manitoba are seeing snow today as low pressure from Alberta moves east, and Environment Canada is issuing a special weather statement for Winnipeg, and warnings for wind, snow, and winter storms in places like Brandon, Dauphin, Morden, and Thompson. Some areas will have nicer weather earlier in the day that will quickly take a turn for the worse by the evening.

Winnipeg can expect 2 to 4 cm of snowfall, and the Interlake could see as much as 10 cm. Southwestern Manitoba could also see wind gusting to 90 km/h this afternoon.

The sun won’t come out until Wednesday, when more snow and chillier-than-normal temperatures arrive in the province, and even with the sun back out, Wednesday’s high will only be 0.

Few could have imagined we’d be singing “Here Comes the Snow” just before April Fools Day, but here we are.

It could be worse: Parts of Saskatchewan are dealing with severe winds gusting to 100 km/h, as much as 15 cm of blowing snow, and “flash freeze” conditions today.

The sun will stay shining for the rest of the week though, with highs hovering around 12 degrees, hitting a beautiful 16 C for you to enjoy at the start of your weekend.

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