Restrictions Relax Again Today

Restrictions Relax Again Today

WINNIPEG - A new set of rules has taken effect in Manitoba today, as Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin says changes to public health orders kicked in just after midnight, to last until March 25th for the whole province.

The new changes include:

- Households can now decide if they want to keep their designated two visitors, or designate an additional household;

- Outdoor gatherings can now have up to 10 people;

- Restaurants, retail stores, malls, and personal service businesses get increased capacity;

- Places of worship to have increased capacity size of 25 per cent or 100 people, whichever is lower, with physical distancing measures in place and mask requirements.

- Any type of business can operate except for indoor theatres, concert halls, casinos, and bingo halls;

- Professional theatre and dance groups, symphonies, and operas to have rehearsals;

- Day camps for children can operate at 25 per cent capacity;

- Indoor recreation and sporting, like go-karting and children’s programs, can happen at 25 per cent capacity, as long as those using fitness centres and pools wear a mask (unless they’re in a swimming pool; and

- Dance, theatre, and music facilities can operate at 25 per cent capacity.

Later this month Manitoba Health will examine whether Manitoba needs to stay under these restrictions or open up even further. Premier Brian Pallister also says another $5,000 is available for Manitoba businesses that qualify.

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