RCMP Urge Snowmobilers to Drive Safe

RCMP Urge Snowmobilers to Drive Safe

MANITOBA - With two lives being tragically lost on snowmobiles last weekend, the RCMP are urging snowmobilers to drive safe and have a number of tips to help:

- Know your abilities and ride within your limits. This will allow you to always be in control of your snowmobile.

- Use caution, be alert and slow down when operating on unfamiliar terrain. Always look ahead and be ready for hidden or unforeseen obstacles.

- Always ride in groups and let people know where you’re going, the route you will be taking, and when you expect to return.

- Wear the proper protective clothing, including a helmet, to keep you warm and to keep you safe.

- Be cautious of ice thickness when crossing frozen bodies of water. If you are crossing a body of water, please wear a floatation device over your outer clothing.

- RIDE SOBER. Drinking and using cannabis while operating a snowmobile don’t mix.

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