Rain To Follow Heat In Manitoba

Rain To Follow Heat

WINNIPEG - Despite an expected high of 37, with a Humidex of 42 — possibly the hottest weather we’ve had this year, Environment Canada says the rest of the week will look much different. The federal forecaster says the next several days are shaping up to be wet and cloudy, with a chance of thunderstorms invading the sunny skies we see today.

Meteorologists explain the Prairies will experience a sudden shift in temperature this week, with the front that’s causing the cooling potentially causing some severe thunderstorms tomorrow, with heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts.

Fall weather is creeping across the Prairies from Alberta, where highs are dropping to below-seasonal low 20s today. We won’t see daytime temperatures that low until Friday, but nighttime lows have already dropped into that range and will only get chillier, reaching 13 C on the weekend.

It looks like we may finally get the significant rainfall so desperately needed in Manitoba, bringing moderate relief from this year’s drought conditions.

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