Province Recruiting Candidates for Leaders in Training Program

Province Recruiting Candidates

MANITOBA GOVERNMENT - The Manitoba government is recruiting for the new Leaders in Training Program, a two-year paid internship for those seeking a fulfilling career in the public service, Finance Minister Scott Fielding, minister responsible for the civil service, announced today.

“This program is a fantastic opportunity for the province to find and train people who will take a guiding role in building a stronger public service,” said Fielding. “This new program provides a range of experience within the Manitoba government and helps interns build a professional network with exciting opportunities in our dynamic organization.”

With multiple opportunities beginning in spring 2019, the Leaders in Training Program is designed to provide training and development for people interested in a career with the public service who have the potential to progress into future leadership positions.

“We are looking for analytical thinkers, innovators, savvy communicators and those who are motivated to be part of the progressive transformation of Manitoba’s public service,” said Fielding. “The program will help us find strong candidates and support them in developing the skills they need to take on important leadership roles in the future.”

Successful candidates will have an opportunity to gain a whole-of-government perspective through participation in a series of work placements in multiples areas of the organization. Interns will get to take part in exciting projects, policy and program development, research and financial operations to prepare them for a successful career in Manitoba’s public service.

To learn more and apply for the Leaders in Training Program, visit Applications will be accepted until Feb. 8.

Fielding noted that like other organizations, the Manitoba government needs to ensure a skilled workforce to provide quality services. The program is part of a larger strategy to recruit and retain a diverse workforce that supports public service transformation.

“Our vision for the future is a public service that embraces challenges and places innovation at the centre of their work to deliver the best possible programs and services for Manitobans,” Fielding said.

This vision builds on the professional, non-partisan public service that is grounded in values and ethics, and is building a culture of continuous improvement. The Leaders in Training Program is part of the province’s strategy to attract diverse professionals in building this culture.

For more information on Manitoba’s public service transformation strategy, visit:


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