Province Agrees to Pay Extra Costs for Fuel for Churchill

Churchill Will Stay Warm This Winter

The residents of Churchill will stay warm this winter as the provincial government has agreed to cover the additional costs of shipping millions of litres of fuel via sea to the northern town.

The province has helped co-ordinate the shipment of bulk loads of propane twice since heavy flooding in the spring of 2017 damaged the rail line to Churchill. To date, over 2.6 million litres of propane has been sent to the community via ship.

“As we did last year, the government has agreed to fund the extra costs of moving nearly three million litres of propane by sea to ensure an adequate supply of heating fuel for the people of Churchill this winter,” saidMinister Ron Schuler. “The agreement does not cover the cost of the fuel, but rather to subsidize the incremental costs of transporting propane by sealift when rail service is not available to ensure affordability of propane to consumers in Churchill.”

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