Preparing To Get Vaccine

Preparing To Get Vaccine

WINNIPEG - As the provincial government warns of a spring storm causing poor driving conditions in many parts of Manitoba that could make driving to appointments dangerous, the province’s Vaccine Implementation Task Force medical lead is providing added clarity on what those can get vaccinated against COVID-19 can expect, and how to prepare for it.

Dr. Joss Reimer says recipients of the vaccine should print out this consent form and sign it ahead of time to help them move through the line quickly when arriving to receive their shot.

The province requires that a mask be worn and physical distancing be observed as best as possible, and Reimer suggests those receiving the vaccine wear short sleeves and arrive 15 minutes. The health officer also asks that people coming to the site bring a piece of ID like a health card or driver’s license, although Reimer adds the vaccine is provided to those who qualify, at no cost, whether they have a Manitoba Health Card or not.

First Nation citizens age 44 and up, and other Manitobans age 64 and up, now qualify to be immunized, and Reimer says if someone has been in the province for at least a month, or will be here for that length of time, and they meet the eligibility requirements based on age or a health condition, they can get the vaccine.

The province says those getting vaccinated may bring a family member or caregiver, and can expect a 45-minute visit at a vaccination site. Manitoba Health says more than one in 10 Manitobans aged 18 and older have received a COVID-19 vaccine so far.

Meanwhile, the government of Manitoba is encouraging motorists and pedestrians alike to take measures to stay safe in light of any continued storm weather, and to assess travel plans based on road conditions. Anyone with an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine today can reschedule online if necessary here, or by calling 1-844-MAN-VACC (1-844-626-8222).

To find out where you are in line to get the vaccine, you can use this queue calculator.

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