Police Use CS Gas and Distraction Devices Executing a Search Warrant in Winnipeg

Police Use CS Gas and Distraction Devices

WINNIPEG - Police had to use distraction devices and CS gas during the execution of a search warrant in Winnipeg on Saturday, just before 1:30PM.

Police with help from the Tactical Support Unit, North District Community Support and Drug Enforcement Unit tried to execute a search warrant at a home in the 300 block of Boyd Avenue.

Police say they used several distraction devices at and in the home. As a result, six people did exit the home. Tactical members then deployed CS gas into the home in an attempt to draw the remaining people out. Over the period of several hours, one man did exit the home and a woman was located and removed from the home with help from the K-9 Unit.

Police were unable to enter the home and conduct a search because of the heavy presence of gas. Police said, officers remained at the home, securing it overnight. The search warrant was then executed the following morning.

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