Polar Bears International Receives $1 Million Donation

$1 Million for Polar Bears International

TORONTO, ON - At the Polar Bear Affair gala last night in Toronto, an event held to raise funds for Polar Bears International’s conservation efforts, Kevin Spreekmeester, PBI’s chairman of the board announced a major gift of $1 million from Dani Reiss, President & CEO of Canada Goose.

The funds will support the building of a new facility, The Polar Bears International House, in Churchill, Manitoba at the start of the fall 2018 polar bear season. The new Polar Bears International House will be built on donated land on the main street in Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world.

“Over the last decade of working with PBI, I have seen first-hand the passion and energy that the team puts into their important research and efforts to ensure polar bears have a future,” said Reiss. “It is a privilege to be a part of helping them build a much-needed facility which will serve as a launch site for PBI’s research and educational activities on polar bear habitat conservation, around the world.”

The Polar Bears International House will be attractive, energy-efficient, ecologically sound, and multi-purpose in design and scope. It will:

  • Provide space to educate Churchill visitors about polar bears, climate change, and the urgent need to take action
  • Support polar bear research and outreach efforts, including broadcast facilities for media crews
  • Host visiting scientists, educators, and special guests from around the globe whose work and support are critical to polar bear conservation
  • Serve as a gathering place for members of the Churchill community and provide local employment and internship opportunities
  • Include a workspace, bunkhouse, kitchen, and place to store equipment
  • Inspire people to care about the Arctic and its wildlife by featuring live cams that highlight polar bears, beluga whales, and northern lights
  • Become a meaningful community asset

“This is the single largest donation PBI has received and it is an amazing commitment to helping secure the polar bear’s future,” said Krista Wright, PBI’s executive director. “We’re humbled by this generous gift and extremely grateful.”

Polar Bear International

Photo is of Erica and Dani Reiss at PBI’s Polar Bear Affair Gala in Toronto on Feb. 27, 2018.

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