$72,000+ for Breaking Manitoba Rules

$72,000+ for Breaking Orders

WINNIPEG - The province says several businesses are facing over $72,000 in fines - more than half of the 28 tickets issued last week for violating public health orders.

The provincial government says enforcement personnel wrote 16 tickets for ten businesses between September 20 and 26. Two of the businesses were in Steinbach, three in Winkler, and five in Winnipeg. The Winnipeg rule breakers include Monstrosity Burger on Corydon Ave., which received four fines of $5,000 after already being ticketed at least 8 times that month and ordered to close its indoor dining area. Chaise Café and Morfit Training Centre were also given three $5,000 tickets each.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman says businesses that repeatedly violate public health orders should be shut down completely, and that Health Minister Audrey Gordon needs to enact the full authority of the Manitoba Health Act.

Over $3 million in fines and 2,167 tickets have been handed out to businesses and individuals since April 2020.

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  • GeorgiaSteele

    It again is a simple thing to follow the money. Why is the province hammering these companies and people so hard with these out of reason fines? It is no longer about trying to get companies and people to follow the rules that make no sense. IMHO it boils down to the fact that it is now all about the money. Governments have found a way to hide another tax and it is under the guise of protecting us from a virus they can not scare enough people with. Why is there no longer any requirement for the venues where the double shot people go to require contact tracing.IMO again it is because if they did they would find that those people getting the VID are getting it from those who already took the double jab and think they are immune.

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