Over $2500 in Speeding Fines for Two Manitoba Drivers

Over $2500 in Speeding Fines

WINNIPEG - Manitoba has some of the largest fines for speeding in Canada and North America.Two heavy footed drivers found that out the hard way after being caught by RCMP.

In a Tweet Manitoba RCMP said, "Even if it’s your birthday and you’re driving a Maserati, there’s still no excuses for going 162 km/h in a 100 on the perimeter highway."

The driver was fined $862.00 and will now have a license review with MPI.

Another driver was caught speeding through a construction zone which mean the fine will be double. This particular driver was fined $1752 for driving at 125 km/h in a 60 km/h construction zone on Highway 10, south of Minnedosa.


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