No Sign Of Omicron Variant In Manitoba Yet

No Omicron Variant Here Yet

WINNIPEG - There's a new COVID-19 variant of concern called Omicron that was first detected last week in southern Africa.

The Trudeau government has joined some other countries is banning people from flying into Canada from that part of the world.

If they are using third country to come here, they must undergo COVID testing in that nation.

Cases of Omicron have popped up in a handful of countries including here in Canada but so far there's no sign of it in Manitoba, at least not yet.

Although some experts say it's possible the new variant could already be here, we just don't know it.

Very little is known about Omicron at this point. Dr. Anthony Fauci says it could take weeks to find out if it's more contagious or resistant to the vaccines.

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