New Pop-Up Initiatives In The Works For Downtown Winnipeg

New Pop-Up Initiatives

WINNIPEG, MB - The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is excited to announce new pop-up park initiatives which have recently been launched. A pop-up park could be a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street and is usually installed on parking lanes and uses few parking spaces. "It is a temporary streetscape that allows us to test-drive new public spaces without spending a bundle," says Tracy Umali, Project Assistant, Placemaking & Transportation at the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. The BIZ is also exploring temporary street closures to allow for larger on-street activities such as events, open-air markets, food vendors, beer gardens, etc. "We want the people to know that this is their own space."

The BIZ is currently looking to launch a pilot project of three temporary on-street pop-up parks / event venues at Kennedy & Graham, Hargrave & Portage, and Smith & Notre Dame for spring 2018 to revitalize underutilized spaces.

Pop-Up Project Timeline

May 2017 - Gather key stakeholders & designers together at the Placemaking Summit

June to Sept 2017 - Evaluate spaces & opportunities

Aug 2017 - Public consultation through public engagement

Sept to Dec 2017 - Business community and immediate stakeholder engagement

Sept 2017 to Apr 2018 - Design, event & program development

May to June 2018 - Installation

June to Aug 2018 - Community use & event programming. Gathering of feedback from public, business community & stakeholders

Sept to Dec 2018 - Re-evaluation & project updates

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By Downtown BIZ

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