Multiple Tips Help RCMP Make Arrest in Rash of Robberies

Multiple Tips Help RCMP Make Arrest

WINNIPEG, MB - RCMP in Killarney are giving the public all the credit in the capture and arrest of a 29 year old on a robbery spree.

RCMP were informed of an abandoned vehicle parked in front of a home in Cartwright around 2:35 AM on March 9th. The home owner who called also told police a suspicious man was walking around his property with a shovel.

Police went to the home where they discovered that the vehicle was in fact stuck in the snow and the suspicious man was no longer in the area. Police said they know the driver/owner of this abandoned vehicle and he is presently on a court imposed curfew. Police checked his home, but he was not there. Officers began to patrol the area in an attempt find him.

Then at 4:35 am, another suspicious vehicle was seen pulling into a property with a man quickly exiting the vehicle and running away on foot. This vehicle was later reported stolen. The suspect was able to elude police by stealing another vehicle nearby.

Later that same morning, police received a complaint of a break and enter to a business located on Bowles Street in Cartwright. Someone pried their way into the building and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

RCMP then received another call reporting a suspicious person walking along Highway 5 that may be related to these incidents. Police found the man who was associated with the vehicle stuck earlier in the night.

Police arrested and charged 29-year-old Corey James Pashe, from Brandon, with numerous theft related offences.

“The public was extremely quick in reporting crimes in progress and providing the information to our officers” said Sgt. Paul Manaigre of the Manitoba RCMP. “Based on these tips from the public, our officers were able to respond quickly and locate the accused responsible for these crimes.”

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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