More Manitoba Schools Require Vaccinations

More Schools Require Vax

WINNIPEG - Administrators at several Manitoba universities and colleges say faculty, students, staff, and visitors who want to be on campus may be required to show proof of vaccination when classes return this fall.

The U of M, U of W, Red River College, Assiniboine Community College, Canadian Mennonite University, and the University College of the North are among the schools that have announced vaccination requirements.

The U of W says proof of vaccination says the campus will be closed to the public during the first term of the year, staff, students, and faculty members will come into their buildings through a secure entrance where they’ll show their proof of vaccination, and will require a mask. Administrators say they’re considering remote learning for those who aren’t allowed to enter campus.

The U of M says students, staff, faculty members, and visitors will need to get their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 22, and their second by October 31. People on campus will still need to wear masks and maintain physical distancing.

Red River College says first doses of COVID-19 vaccines should be administered by September 10, and second doses by October 17. But the college it isn’t making them mandatory for everyone, offering an avenue for exemption. The college will still be mandating and giving out masks on campus.

Meanwhile, Canadian Mennonite University says all staff, students, and faculty members must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter campus, starting with a requirement to attest to being vaccinated for entry before September 1, and also providing vaccination deadlines: August 31 for first doses, and September 30 for second doses. But the school is also considering whether it needs to offer exemption options based on Manitoba’s Human Rights Code.

Brandon University says it plans to put similar requirements in place over the next several months, but vaccination won’t be mandated before the start of the school year.

The province has given the green light for in-person classes, with K-12 schools reopening on September 7 with a Yellow (Caution) pandemic response level. For much of the summer, labour unions have been calling on school administrators to implement vaccination mandates.

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