Mixed Up Weather

Mixed Up Weather

WINNIPEG - As much as 30 per cent of snowfall in Manitoba can happen in the springtime, and, despite the season officially starting last weekend, the overnight sprinkle of snow is only the beginning.

Those flurries may be turning into rain showers this morning, with 40 km/h winds gusting to 60, but the weekend will begin a roller coaster of weather conditions. The normal temperature ranges this time of year have been highs between 6 and -5 C, and lows between -18 and -7 C. But Monday will begin with much warmer temperatures than that, hitting a high of 16 in spite of cloudy skies. But we can expect a 60 per cent chance of flurries to hit the Winnipeg area Monday night, continuing into Tuesday.

Manitoba’s farmers are welcoming the rain, of course, following a stubborn trend of dry conditions. Current forecast models are showing cooler air allowing for warm daytime highs that plummet just below freezing overnight. Looking further into the future, it looks like spring break may see much warmer temperatures than average for that time of year.

Expect to start your Saturday with clearing skies and a high of 4 C, but be prepared for a wind chill of -10 in the morning.

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