Missing 84 Year-Old Woman Found Safe After 4 Days

Missing 84 Year-Old Woman Found Safe

SPRAGUE - 84 Year-old Mary Byman has been found, safe after being missing for four days in the bush.

Mary had been berry-picking with a friend in the Spur Woods area where they had become separated.

On July 28, 2019, at approximately 9:00 pm, Mary Byman was found in an area approximately 2 kms southwest of where she was reported missing.

A group of searchers including a father and son team were completing a search of the area, fired a gunshot in the air and heard a faint cry for help. Within several minutes, they fired another shot in the air, and heard another faint cry for help. This helped provide them with a direction to search in. After almost 40 minutes, the two were able to locate the 84-year-old female in very thick bush.

Firefighters from the RMs of Piney, Sprague and Woodridge spent over two hours clearing a path to reach her. It took another two hours to return back. She was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

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