Millions In Help For Manitoba Farmers

Millions In Help For Farmers

WINNIPEG - Manitoba’s agriculture minister says farms in the province are getting another boost in financial relief with the launch of two new programs. One program will help replenish livestock that has had to be sold, and another to help with the cost of feed and transportation.

Ralph Eichler calls the $155 million AgriRecovery investment one of the largest in Manitoba history. A herd rebuilding program is being developed to help cattle producers who have had to sell their breeding cattle. The new Livestock Feed and Transportation Drought Assistance Program will also help producers buy the feed they need, as well as secure its transportation from as far as 600 km away.

A livestock transportation program will also assist with freight expenses for getting beef cattle, sheep, and goats to where they can find enough feed, up to 1,000 km away.

Keystone Agricultural Producers Vice President Jill Verwey says Manitoba’s farm organizations are grateful for the response to the challenges facing our producers in the province.

The AgriRecovery program is part of a partnership with the federal government, which resulted in a previous investment of $62 million earlier this month to help livestock producers impacted by drought.

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