Masks Still Needed

Masks Still Needed

WINNIPEG - New COVID-19 public health orders are now in effect in Manitoba which include the lifting of the mask mandate.

However, you should keep a mask handy because they are still being required in some places.

In Winnipeg, masks must be worn in city-operated facilities, on Transit buses and at the airport.

Many stores are also having customers wear a mask, even though it's no longer being forced by the province.

Social distancing is also being enforced, depending on the location.

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  • Disturbia00

    The big reason for masks is to protect others and the secondary to protect oneself.  People refusing to wear masks are a threat to all.  They do not know if they are or are not contagious even with the vaccines.  We hear a lot about how anti-maskers claim to be suffering from the norm.  We all do!
    We are careful, not only for ourselves, but for everyone else, too.Anti-maskers are belligerents and criminals in light of the dangers of COVID-19 and the Delta variant.  There are more variants to come as the anti-maskers will spread the virus.
    If I get sick because of an anti-masker then I do hope the SOB goes to jail!  I'm double vaccinated but that is not 100%.  If I get a variant and do not get ill then I will be made a carrier and all because anti-Vaxxers are a belligerent bunch and right up there with drunk drivers.  
    Fill the jails with these crap artists!

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