Manitoba's Harvest Half Done

Harvest Half Done

WINNIPEG - It had a rough start, with delays and losses caused by both severe drought and heavy rain, but Manitoba Agriculture says the harvest on farms across the province is on the home stretch, as combines rumble full speed ahead.

The province explains that while around 50 per cent of crops in Manitoba have been harvested, producers in northwestern Manitoba already have more than 75 per cent of their crops gathered. Post-drought soil had become saturated 30 cm deep in some areas following rainfall, causing some regrowth and green pastures. But ag analysts note that despite the quick improvement in soil moisture, soil in some regions of the province is still recovering from the dry conditions, while downpours in recent weeks have also caused unwanted vegetation to crop up in a number of fields.

Producers say they’re being careful with how they finish off the 2021 harvest, as they try to preserve soil moisture and nutrients for next year. Manitoba’s Department of Agriculture and Resource Development says much of the rain water still hasn’t gone further than 100 cm, which means Manitoba still needs more rain to recover from this year’s drought and be ready for a successful season next year.

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