Manitoba Universities & Dentists Want Masks

Universities, Dentists & Masks

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba Dental Association says patients will still need to wear masks in dental offices - at least until it’s time to have their teeth looked at - in spite of the provincial health order changes that were implemented last Saturday.

The MDA says it wants all patients and staff to stay safe while visiting the dentist, and the masks will help minimize the chance of COVID-19 transmission. The association says it strongly encourages the public to stay home and get tested when noticing symptoms of illness, and to physically distance wherever possible, and says dental professionals are obligated to protect those they serve. The MDA also notes that dental professionals wear masks, as they have for many years, because it is proven to minimize the risk of infection.

Meanwhile, a number of post-secondary institutions have announced that mask requirements will continue for staff and students, with no end to those rules in sight.

Red River College says masks will still be needed in all its buildings. The U of M says three-ply masks are required both indoors and outdoors, both on campuses and for participants in off-campus activities sanctioned by the university whenever physical distancing isn’t possible. Assiniboine Community College, Université de Saint-Boniface, Brandon University, and the U of W have made confirmed masks will be required on their campuses as well.

Manitoba’s latest public health orders strongly recommend, but do not mandate, the use of masks except in places like hospitals and personal care homes. The provincial government says businesses themselves have the option of requiring mask use for customers.

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  • GeorgiaSteele

    I think the idiocy just keeps coming. Now they want triple thick masks. Why not just call it duct tape and be done with it.

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