Manitoba Tories Hold Weekend Meeting

Tories Hold Weekend Meeting

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson focused on crime and taxes when she spoke on the weekend at the PC party’s annual general meeting.

She suggested the NDP would be soft on crime and raise taxes. Manitobans go to the polls in early October.

Meanwhile, the governing Tories are looking at potential changes to their leadership selection process.

When Stefanson became leader in 2021, there was a late surge in party membership and many people complained they did not receive mail-in ballots in time to vote.

In a session closed to media at the AGM, the party presented a report outlining possible changes to the leadership rules.

When pressed on specifics, president Brent Pooles said the rule allowing people to buy memberships as late as 30 days before the leadership vote might be part of the changes.

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