Manitoba & Saskatchewan - Highest Rate of Indigenous Youth in Custody

Highest Rate of Indigenous Youth in Custody

WINNIPEG — A Statistics Canada report says 46 per cent of all incarcerated youth across Canada were Indigenous in 2016−17. Here is a breakdown by province of admissions to custody of Aboriginal youth during that time (in per cent):

Newfoundland and Labrador: Males 6; Females 0

Prince Edward Island: Males 13; Females 0

New Brunswick: Males 11; Females 15

Ontario: Males 10; Females 15

Manitoba: Males 81; Females 82

Saskatchewan: Males 92; Females 98

British Columbia: Males 44; Females 60

Yukon: Males 74; Females 100

Northwest Territories: Males 94; Female 60

Nunavut: Males 100; Females 100

Source: Statistics Canada. Note: There was no information listed for Nova Scotia, Alberta or Quebec.

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