Manitoba Opens More Winter Roads

Manitoba Opens More Winter Roads

WINNIPEG, MB - Minister Ron Schuler said that access to Manitoba’s winter road system is now available to a number of northern communities, allowing for the delivery of supplies.

“Approximately $10 million will be spent this year to ensure our winter roads are suitable for the delivery of essential goods to remote Manitoba communities,” said Schuler. “Thanks to largely favourable conditions, more than half of all winter roads are already open.”

Thirteen of 23 communities that rely on winter roads now have access and it is expected the remainder of the 2,400-kilometre network will open in the next two weeks, said Schuler.

In a typical season, more than 2,500 shipments are delivered to a large number of isolated northern communities. The system also provides road access for area residents.

Some sections of the winter road system may be closed for repairs on short notice, due to changing weather conditions. The overall budget to open and maintain Manitoba’s winter roads is shared between the provincial and federal governments.

For information on road conditions or highway safety click here.

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