Manitoba COVID-19 Cases Jump to 167

Manitoba COVID-19 Cases Jump to 167

WINNIPEG - 40 additional cases of COVID-19 have now been identified making today the biggest jump in cases to date.

The total number of cases in Manitoba now stands at 167.

The data also shows:
• five individuals are currently hospitalized including four in intensive care,
• 11 individuals have recovered from COVID-19, and
• the total number of deaths reported in Manitoba remains at one.

Cadham Provincial Laboratory performed 1,300 tests Wednesday. As of April 2, a total of 11,327 tests have been performed.

Three additional staff across two Manitoba health-care facilities have tested positive for COVID-19. The confirmed cases, at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Winnipeg and Betel Home Gimli are being investigated by public health, occupational health and infection prevention and control officials. All affected health-care workers are being provided with appropriate direction related to self-isolation or self-monitoring, depending on their exposure.

As a result of the positive COVID-19 case at Betel Home in Gimli, public health officials are also investigating a respiratory illness outbreak among residents there. Nine residents showing symptoms of respiratory illness are being tested for the cause of their illnesses. This will include testing for COVID-19. The home has implemented additional infection prevention and control measures to isolate affected patients.

A change in protocol will soon require health-care workers working in patient care roles at facilities, including at hospitals, long-term care facilities, health centres, nursing stations, Access Centres and COVID-19 testing locations, to expand their use of procedure masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). These changes will be implemented over the coming days at sites across the province. Manitoba’s provincial COVID-19 central supply chain management is working with regions and facilities to identify and ship appropriate PPE.

New screening procedures are being implemented for staff working in acute and long-term care facilities. Implementation of these measures has begun and will involve asking staff about travel history, exposure to COVID-19 positive cases, any symptoms they may have and having their temperature taken at the start of their shift. Staff who are required to come and go during the course of their shift may be re-screened upon re-entry into facilities and service areas.

Public health is also advising that people remain within or close to their home communities. This includes limiting travel, even within Manitoba, to essential trips only. Services at smaller health centres could be strained if seasonal visitors become ill.

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