Manitoba Conservative MLAs Must Be Vaccinated

Tory MLAs Must Be Vaxxed

WINNIPEG - Manitoba premier Heather Stefanson says her infrastructure minister will be removed from cabinet and caucus if he is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 within two weeks.

Ron Schuler is the only MLA who's not saying whether he's been inoculated against COVID.

He says his personal health information is a private matter.

But Stefanson says all members of her cabinet and caucus must comply with the vaccine mandate by December 15th including Schuler or they will be out.

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  • elementgirl

    I am so disappointed in Heather Stefanson. These vaccines do not stop the spread. Don not stop you from catching the virus. So why is she continuing with making people lose their jobs because of it. So disappointed in her. I thought she was smarter than that. 

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