Legislature Gets Back At It

Legislature Gets Back At It

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba legislature is back in session today for the first time in three months. Government house leader Kelvin Goertzen says today’s sitting will focus on the health and financial wellbeing of Manitobans.

“Manitobans have every reason to be optimistic about our province,” Goertzen says, noting that on the agenda will be the province’s spring budget, will includes funding to modernize Manitoba’s education system, build infrastructure, a “Made-in-Manitoba” climate action plan, and a request for $450 million to support what is hoped will be the last stand against COVID-19, on top of the nearly $2 billion already spent. Goertzen says while the pandemic has put a lot of financial strain on the province, balancing the books in 2019 puts it in a much better footing than it could have been in.

“Throughout this pandemic, Manitobans have displayed the strength and resiliency that we always have in difficult times,” Goertzen says. “Manitobans can be confident their government will work with them as we take steps to protect the health of our residents and the prosperity of our communities.”

The MLAs hadn’t met since they held a socially-distanced legislative session December 3 last year.

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