Heat & Smoke Continue

Heat & Smoke Continue

WINNIPEG - While the province could see a few thunderstorms this week, hot and dry conditions will largely continue, while Environment Canada issues more air quality statements due to smoke from east-central Manitoba forest fires. A large fire north of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, is also sending smoke into western Manitoba. There were 23 new wildfires reported in Manitoba over the weekend.

Southern Manitoba is seeing a mix of sun and cloud today, while Winnipeg and parts of the Red River Valley will experience a risk of thunderstorms by the afternoon. Although the daytime high will reach nearly 30 C, the humidity will make that feel at least 3 degrees warmer, made a little more bearable by wind moving at 30 km/h and gusting to 50. That wind should push those storm clouds eastward and bring us clear skies tonight, when we’ll feel a low of around 15.

We’ll see lots of sunshine tomorrow, when temperatures are expected to hit 28. Winds will be light - between 15 and 25 km/h - and the humidity will be a lot more comfortable. The low on Thursday will be a bit warmer at around 18 C. Despite a high of 30 on Friday, there could be some shower or thunderstorm action in the afternoon, mostly in the Red River Valley. That should clear by the evening, when the temperature will drop to around 16.

More sunny, hot, and dry conditions are in store for the weekend, with temperatures hovering around 30 C.

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