Grocery Workers At Risk

Grocery Workers At Risk

WINNIPEG - A Manitoba union is accusing the province and grocery store chains of putting workers at risk by not properly enforcing mask use by customers.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832 represents more than 9,000 grocery employees and about 2,000 security guards at retailers.

It says worker safety hasn't been a top priority at several stores owned by Loblaw, Sobeys and Red River Co-op.

The current public health orders don't give stores the right to deny service to customers not wearing masks.

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  • GeorgiaSteele

    Our government instituted mandatory mask use with medical exemptions that could not be verified by the store. What did they think was going to happen. People know how to get around the system. I personally do not agree that masks work. However, I wear one so that I do not face a fine and I also wear one so the businesses I go to do not face a fine. That's it. If they told me today that mask use is no longer required, mine would be in the garbage.

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