Follow The Cannabis Bill Online

Follow the Cannabis Bill Online

WINNIPEG, MB - The legislation to legalize cannabis, Bill C-45, is one step closer to reality as it is now officially in the Senate.

Many of the country's provinces and territories are struggling to develop their own methods for regulating the sale of cannabis.

For example, in Alberta;

  • you would have to be 18 to purchase or possess cannabis.
  • Private retailers would operate physical stores under the supervision of the province’s liquor commission and the provincial government would operate online retail.
  • Cannabis sales would not be permitted where alcohol, pharmaceuticals and tobacco are available for sale.
  • Alberta would also have a zero tolerance for drug-impaired driving for drivers in the province’s graduated licensing program

In Newfoundland and Labrador;

  • You would have to be 19 years old to purchase or possess cannabis,
  • Use would be restricted to private residences,
  • The province’s liquor corporation would be responsible for, among other things, buying importing and controlling the sale of cannabis,
  • Private retailers would be used to sell cannabis,

In Manitoba the Government is proposing;

  • You would have to be 19 years old to purchase or possess cannabis,
  • The province’s Liquor and Gaming Authority would regulate the purchase, storage distribution and retail of cannabis; the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation would secure and track the provincial cannabis supply,
  • Private retailers would be used to sell cannabis to consumers,
  • Communities within Manitoba would be allowed to hold a plebiscite to prohibit cannabis sales.

Visit the Senate website for details on what each province and territory is planning, as well, you will find information on the following:

  • Status of the legislation in the Senate
  • A link to Senate Debates for each day the legislation is discussed in the Senate Chamber
  • A weekly Twitter 'Moment' consisting of the Senate's plain-language tweet summaries of Chamber business related to Bill C-45
  • The latest provincial and territorial regulations, and legislative developments
  • An infographic on 'How a Bill Becomes a Law'
  • A glossary of parliamentary terminology

Visit the Senate website by clicking here.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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