Farmers Lovin' This Snow

Farmers Lovin' This Snow

WINNIPEG - Many Manitobans haven’t been excited about the snow shoveling, but farmers in the province say the extra moisture was just what they needed.

Environment Canada says southern Manitoba saw 15-25 cm of snow by Wednesday morning, wind gusting as high as 50 km/h. Morris got 15 cm, and Portage la Prairie and Brandon both got 12, and Minitonas measured 20 cm of snowfall.

Agricultural producers say they’re pretty happy to finally have some mud on their boots again. Although the snow means seeding will be a little delayed, farmers say when the snow melts those seeds will really benefit after much of the prairies had experienced very dry conditions that saw chain-reaction impact far into the American west and as far as Mexico.

But experts note that although at least the topsoil in Manitoba will be penetrated by the increase in precipitation, the prairies will need a good soak consistently in the weeks ahead for growing conditions to really recover. Meteorologists warn that the weather may begin to dry up quickly this month, and that may continue into the summer, especially in south eastern Manitoba.

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